About the Foundation
The Hannah Grace Foundation has been created in the memory of Hannah Grace Kelley who, sadly and tragically, went home to be with the Lord February 18th, 2012. Hannah Grace died as a result of an accidental discharge of a firearm in her father's church where he pastors. Hannah was a beautiful, free spirited, kind and compassionate young lady that touched many lives in her short 20 years here on earth. Hannah's parents, Tim and Peggy Kelley, founded the Hannah Grace Foundation in honor of their daughter's life and memory in order to continue to commemorate Hannah's passion and desire to help hurting, grieving and traumatized children locally, nationally and globally. 

In the months following the tragic accident many families who had experienced losses of all kinds reached out to the Kelley family to encourage them.  Some reached out to seek help from someone they thought would understand the deep pain they were experiencing. The Kelley’s, as well, contacted others who had gone through similar loss and traumas to offer whatever assistance or comfort they could.

The focus of the foundation has thus shifted from its original purpose, and is now two-fold. After the Kelley's tragic loss, they began to realize the deep impact losing Hannah had on their, at the time, 6 year old daughter, Sadie. They found that there were very few resources available to them to help Hannah's younger sister process the loss of her sister. They envisioned a home or facility where parents and children can be with others that have endured similar losses and tragedies, and where group and individual age-sensitive counseling would be available. All provided at no cost.

The Hannah Grace Foundation is now accepting donations to construct a 3,000 square foot facility, The Hannah Grace Home, for the purpose of ministering to children who have also experienced deep loss, grief and trauma. The home will be placed on the grounds of Grace Connection at Pasadena, where Hannah's father is the Pastor. A beautiful one acre lot that remains undeveloped that has been made available to the Foundation. The current estimated cost to build and equip the home is approximately $225,000, of which 25% has been raised.

The immediate focus of the foundation is to provide assistance and care for an orphanage in Uganda. Currently there are 60 children in a very small facility that has very limited U.S. support. Pastor Herman Lukwago and his wife have received these children into their home and school facility. The Hannah Grace Foundation would love to build these children a more permanent and inviting place to live. Currently many of these children are sleeping 4 to a bed with 14 children in one room. Pastor Herman desires to build what would be called "Hannah Grace Village".  Hannah Grace Village would not only provide better housing for the orphans, but upgrade their school facilities as well. It would include the purchase of land and the construction of new housing and educational facilities and tools.  Most children in Uganda never receive proper education.  Many of these children's parents have died of aids or could simply no longer care for their children.

We are greatly encouraged with and deeply grateful for the generous response to the Foundation's vision.  When donating, please indicate where you would like your contribution to be applied - Hannah Grace Village (Uganda) or the Hannah Grace Home (U.S) where you would like your donation Tax deductible, charitable donations can be given online at HannahGraceFoundation.com  or mailed to The Hannah Grace Foundation, PO Box 41734 St. Petersburg, FL  33743, or you may contact us at hannahgracefoundation@gmail.com.

There are no foundation overhead costs, thus 100% of all donations will go to helping these families.  Would you prayerfully consider a generous gift to the Hannah Grace Foundation?